Sunday, June 13, 2010

Venice is Always a Good Idea

You know that fantastic movie "Sabrina," originally with Audrey Hepburn and then remade with the beautiful Harrison Ford?  Sabrina's love affair with Paris is how I now feel about Venice.  Sure, the movie was romanticized and made for Hollywood, but I never thought anyone could have such a strong and beautiful connection with any one place.  Paris is beautiful, but how could you really love and feel so strongly about a city?  After this absolutely beautiful and perfect weekend in Venice, I completely understand now.  Whoever wrote "Sabrina" was a wise wise person.

My first trip to Venice, 2 weeks ago, was just a short day trip, and we spent a maximum of about 5 hours walking through and exploring the city.  After that day, I felt such conflict because the town itself is so incredible and unbelievable, but it also has such a tragic story and history, and you can see that pain in the buildings.  Venice has so much to tell, and I was trying to absorb it all at once in our few hours through the city and it was just so completely overwhelming.  The stories of the city are part of its charm, and no matter how long you spend, and how much you learn, there will always be another story to hear about the history, life, and culture of Venice.

I have too much wonderful material to even begin to organize into coherent content tonight, so let me give you this.  Venice is one of the most perfect people watching places in the world.  Okay.  I've only ever been to the United States and Italy, but as an experienced people watcher, I've got to believe this is world class quality right here.  I can never pass up a good people watching photo op, so here are my Venice friends:

Meet Camo-Man.  Strategically dressed so that his son can never find him and is constantly getting lost. Note: Death grip on son's wrist, signifying previous issue with son not being able to locate camo dad.

Errgh...Meet Napoleon guy?  Just a few things to point out.  He's got more feathers and lace than than you'd see in a drag queen talent show.  Is he wearing makeup??  And his hand and face are borderline Oompa-Loompa orange.  I was feeling pretty confident with my tan so far this summer (us Floridians love our tans) , but my skin pales in comparison to Napoleon.  (pales...get it? hardee har har)

Boys and girls, I'd like to introduce you to Skinny Purple Teletubby.  New and improved, this guy's rockin' only the best designer styles, straight off the runway.  Ever had an extreme urge to wear those awesome royal purple pants, but just didn't know what to pair them with?  Look no further...this guy's got you covered!  Just throw on a purple shirt and you're good to go.  His philosophy: ROY G. BIV isn't just for the colors of the rainbow.  It also is the chosen color for the corresponding day of the week.  Monday: Red, Tuesday: Orange, Wednesday: Yellow, ...Sunday: VIOLET!  The one thing he hasn't quite figured out yet: Why hasn't everyone else caught on?

Oh. oh. oh, WAIT!!  Someone else HAS caught on to the ROY G. BIV of style.  Bravo, Teletubby, Bravo!

I can't even believe it.  Teletubby guy was walking around all smug like he was Joe Cool and look what he's started:

MORE SUNDAY PURPLE!  C'est incroyable!  I feel like My Little Pony here had something to prove with this outfit.  He's working overtime with this one, because A: CLEARLY he needed to show Venice who wears the pants in this relationship, B: He's prepping for red Mondays with the hot pink today (and really, everyone knows you just blend from purple to pink to red and start the circle over again with the rainbow), and C: He needed to make sure his grandson could find him from anywhere in Venice when he lost his camo dad, which gramps knew was bound to happen.  All that from 2 articles of clothing is a lot to decide when you're staring at My Little Pony's 'Rainbow Dash' of a closet.

Meet "The Tourists."  There's this phenomenal artist, Duane Hanson, who created statues of people in everyday situations that are so completely life-like you can't tell they're art unless you're looking for them. (insert: Google his work before reading so you have a better idea of my mental image)  One of his creations is your classic Hawaiian shirt clad tourist sitting on the ground sleeping on his baggage, and it is on "display" in the Orlando International Airport. (He's been tampered with so his clothes and other small features have changed from the original) These statues are so life-like that he just blends in with the surroundings (minus the giant plexiglass casing surrounding him).  I searched and searched for this man, "The Tourist," on the internet, but was unable to find him for so long because our OIA friend is actually called "The Traveler."  So meet "The Tourists."  These guys need to be made into statues, and planted right there in the middle of Saint Marks Square.  They're PERFECT!  You could not create a more ideal tourist.  Just look at this guy!  White ankle socks, jean shorts, aka "jorts", jacket tied around the waist, murse (purse for a man), or satchel if you prefer, KICKIN' sunglasses and hat, camera ready, and to top it all off, the icing on the cake, we've got the giant orange insulated lunch sack.  Madame Tussaud's anyone?

Last, but absolutely not least, is Milano Man.  I did not ask him to pose, and he had no idea I was taking his picture.  Or maybe he thought somebody must have seen him with his coiffed hair and his firm, masculine legs, so he decided to give his best Milano runway pose in case he ended up on the internet.  Guess what guy?  Your dream has come to fruition.  Take out the 'Mila' and change his name to "No Man."  None of this outfit works on its own.  All together at once is just one giant fashion vomit victim. This needs no explanation.  The picture speaks for itself.

Just as I was overwhelmed on my first trip to Venice, tonight I am overwhelmed with my pictures from Venice.  We should refresh and read the Venice blog post from May 29th, and tomorrow I will have a novel of a blog because I have so many WONDERFUL stories to tell.  This weekend was absolutely perfecto, and one of the most memorable times of my life.

Today my favorite thing about Italy is: Opportunities and chances to meet and build relationships with people.  The culture truly is driven on personal relationships, and regardless of the language barrier, everyone understands genuine interest, respect, and joy in being together.

"*Venice* is always a good idea." -Sabrina

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  1. Oh, Kindra you are going to have to write a book. Your blogging is so vivid and creative. All your Eng lit teachers would be so proud of you. Glad you are having such a wonderful time and thanks for sharing it with us stuck here in flat Florida.
    Hugs, Penny