Friday, August 6, 2010

Bigs and Littles

A few years ago I read an article about someone's involvement with the Big Brother Big Sister organization, and it occurred to me that being a role model to a child in my community was something that was very doable at my stage in life.  I'd like to say the article was about Andy Baldwin, aka the Best Bachelor Ever, and his involvement with the organization, but research has turned up no such connections, so the person in the article will have to remain unknown.  Either way, I decided then that I wanted to be a Big Sister to someone in my community.  It seems like we all so often want to help others, and the easiest/fastest/most mass-friendly way is through the giving of tangibles, whether it be money or food or clothing donations.  We never really seem to devote the time or have the opportunity to develop true, genuine relationships with the ones we want to help, when so often that's exactly what they need most.  Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Florida seemed like the perfect opportunity to not only help someone else, but to develop a personal relationship, and to be challenged as well.

I filled out my application to be a "Big Sister" over 2 years ago, and was full of enthusiasm and excitement for the following weeks until an e-mail came explaining that there was really no need in my area, but that I would be contacted if anything became available.  Bummer.  My Big Sister high balloon had been deflated.  I still received e-mails about updates and events in the area, but they were all the general, non-profit organization, keep-you-up-to-date type mass e-mails, and nothing was written specifically to me.  Until today.  I had long given up hope, when lo and behold, in my inbox this morning was an e-mail from the BBBSCF saying they had a need for me!  I was so excited you would have thought this was the career of a lifetime just begging me to accept.  

With school starting, BBBSCF is attempting to place Bigs with Littles in a once-a-week, school tutoring environment with kids whose home environment seems to be taking a toll on their school work.  Once a week I will meet with my Little for an hour, and spend 30 minutes helping them with their schoolwork, and then 30 minutes doing some sort of fun bonding activity, like crafts, basketball, or whatever they seem to show an interest in.  I have an "interview" on Monday, and I couldn't be more excited!

If you're not familiar with the Big Brothers Big Sisters org, visit the website and learn more about this super-awesome organization.  If you are familiar, I urge you to visit the website and apply to be a Big, sign up to volunteer, or even just donate to the cause.  It costs $1,033 to support one match for one year, and your donation directly impacts YOUR community.

My favorite thing about today was seeing these cute baby ducks following their momma in the lake at school.  It really is the little things in life, and I was glad I had my camera on hand to capture how adorable they were.

What matters is the value we've created in our lives, the people we've made happy & how much we've grown as people. ~D Ikeda

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  1. Haha! I just bought that exact same lunch bag yesterday AND I had a pita with hummus for lunch today! lol...that's funny.